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Dingo is an Australian wild dog. Dingo have some features of a wolf as well as domestic dog. Dingo live in Australia and some countries of Southeast Asia. Color is usually ginger, sometimes more yellow or reddish. Alpine dingos are completely white.

Dingos regarded as a dangerous animal, in Australia it is illegal to keep it as a pet. There were some cases of dingos attacking people, particularly children. Of Frazer Island where there are lots of dingos, there are signs everywhere urging tourists not to feed dingos and never leave children without supervision.
On the photos below there is a wild dingo on Frazer Island, eating huge dead ocean turtle.
Dingo eating ocean turtle
Dingo eating ocean turtle

Dingo warning sign
Dingo warning sign
The sign says:
Look out for dingoes.

These wild animals roam Fraser Island and can be dangerous.
Always stay with your children
Dingoes may attack, bite or scratch people.
Walk in groups
NEVER feed dingoes

Or encourage their attention
Lock away all food, rubbish and iceboxes
out of their reach.
Clean barbeques and utensils.
If threatened:
Sand up, stay calm
Fold your arms, keep eye contact
If in pairs, stand back to back
Calmly back away
Call for help
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Posting 1614 by iris
austria Kittsee

Friday December 09th, 2005 05:02 PM


the fotos are very wonderful and are very nice lg
Posting 1456 by shoogle

Thursday December 08th, 2005 11:00 PM

Very Good

heyy i think that its really good what your doing i think that you are showing the tru heart to Australia
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