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Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian devil is unique animal found only in the Australian island of Tasmania. It is a muscular predator the size of a small dog with black fur and large jaw. Devils are famous for appetite and enormous bite force. Considering small animal size, the bite force is the strongest of any living mammal.
Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil yawning
Tasmanian Devil yawning

Tasmanian devils are predators, but they also don’t mind eating dead animals (carrion). Devils are famous for eating everything that moves: all native and domestic animals including small or injured sheep and lamb, birds, fish, insects, frogs and reptiles. Tasmanian Devils can take prey up to the size of a small wallaby. Devils literally eat everything: not just flesh meat and guts, but also bones and fur. Nothing is left from they prey, not even a carcass.
Devils can eat up to 40% of their body weight in 30 minutes if the opportunity arises.
Tasmanian Devils playing
Tasmanian Devils playing

Devils hunt at night, they spend most of daytime in dense bush or hole. When stressed, they produce very strong offensive odour and making lots of loud and disturbing screech.
Photo of Tasmanian Devil
Picture of Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil
Devils were seen as a threat to domestic animals and were hunted for a government bounty until 1941, when they were protected. Another larger animal called Tasmanian Tiger were not so lucky: there were hunted until the last animal was killed. So, there are no more Tasmanian Tiger anywhere on Earth, and we will never see that animal.

The population of Devils is quite large, however because of shy behavior it is very difficult to spot it in the wild. The biggest danger for animals is deadly “devil facial tumour” disease, with 20 to 50% of all animals affected.
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