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Launceston, Tasmania

Launceston is the second bigget city in Tasmania after Hobart. The population is about 65.000 so it’s not as big as major Australian cities.
Launceston is located in the north of the island, 200 km north of Hobart.

Cataract Gorge Reserve is an absolute gorgeous park located just 1.6 km from the city.
The park is full of life: there are lots of picterous walking tracks, suspended bridge over a creek and even a swimming pool. People come here for rockclimbing, white water rafting, fishing, canoeing –what else can you possibly ask for?

There is a chairlift crossing the gorge, with the longest single span – whoooping 308 meters.

Centre of Launceston presents lots of awesome XIX century buildings, perhaps more than many other cities. There some self-guiding walking tracks across historical centre of Launceston.

There is a rescently build marina in Launceston, with fancy apartments overlooking yachts. There are caffes and restauants there, so you can have cappucino or beer with a really nice view.

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