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Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast is located north from Brisbane. This area is a less commercially explored, comparing to Gold Coast, there is no skyscrapers or theme parks here. This also means itís not as expensive as Gold Gost, and thus became a Mecca for young people.
The most famous towns on Sunshine Coast are Noosa, Maroochydore, and Mooloolaba.
Here are some photos from Mooloolaba.

Sunshine Coast, like a Gold Coast, is a good place for surfing. The coast line is interrupted by reefs, rocks, bays etc - unlike 70km long beach on Gold Coast. Perhaps, it makes Sunshine Coast a better place for snorkeling and fishing.

Mooloolaba beach.
Mooloolaba beach.
Mooloolaba beach.
Just like on any major beach there are lifesavers on duty in Mooloolaba. Red and yellow flags shows safe place to swim.
Lifesavers boat
Lifesavers boat

Point Catwright is a nice place for surfing, line fishing, snorkeling and spearfishing.

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