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Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, with population about 1.7 million. It is third largest city in Australia, after Sydney and Melbourne. Its subtropical climate attracts frozen Melbournians during winter, however most people find it too hot and humid during summer.
Brisbane's skyline is quite impressive, with many high rise buildings. Locals proudly call their city "Bris Vegas".
Most of major tourist attractions, such as theme parks, are located on Gold Coast and not in Brisbane itself.

Brisbane is located on Brisbane river. However, there is about an hour drive to the ocean - either Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast. Not very convenient, since the river is not considered to be a good place to swim. City council has even build an artificial beach with chlorine water, just like in the swimming pool.

Queen Street Mall in the centre of Brisbane is a great place for dining and shopping.
Queen Street Mall
Queen Street Mall
Rock band on the streets of "Bris Vegas"
Rock band on the streets of "Bris Vegas"
You can explore Brisbane by Citycat high speed ferry, or even by helicopter...

Citycat ferry
Citycat ferry

South Bank Parklands is a nice park next to the river bank. On weekends and holidays, there is almost always free entertainment there, such as street theatre, live bands, etc.
This time, they have "naturally made musical instruments" - empty plastic bottles, bamboo branches etc. Adults love to make some noise just as much as kids do!

Asian temple in the park
Asian temple in the park
There is also a market next to the South Bank.

Fruit stall
Fruit stall

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