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Crocodiles are one of the symbols of Australian fauna.

North Tropical Queensland is the land of dangerous saltwater crocodiles. These crocs live in most of tidal rivers and travel by sea from one river to another. So, if you are "lucky" you can spot one on the ocean beach.

I am glad there are no crocodiles in Sydney and Melbourne!

Welcome to our friendly beach!
Welcome to our friendly beach!
You sure you still want to swim?
You sure you still want to swim?

Saltwater crocodiles are very dangerous. In Australia, they kill several people every year. Crocodiles change their teeth about one hundred times during their life. Even an old crocodile without teeth can kill a cow, because of huge pressure in the jaws, as much as several tonnes. It can swallow a small catch without problems, but if the catch is too big the croc may ask one of his girlfriends to help strip it out. Crocs usually have about 12 girlfriends. Their brain is the size of a nut.

Big mouth, small brain, lots of girlfriends - that's the crocodile recipe how to survive one million years!

In Cairns there are several crocodile farms, where you can safely see the beasts close up, taste crocodile meat or buy very expensive bags and wallets. Crocodile meat (usually from the tail) is white and tastes like a chicken. Suprisingly the meat of big chicken - emu - is red and very tender and tastes better than crocs.
Raising crocodiles is a very interesting process as you can decide if you want to have more girl or boy crocs in the farm. It depends on the temperature of eggs. Warmer temperature more likely it will be a lady-croc. Because male crocodiles are bigger the farms grow mostly males. Poor creatures have no chances to has 12 girlfriends as their mates from the wild.
Kids like little crocodiles. Crocs like kids...
Kids like little crocodiles. Crocs like kids...

Some people pay money for bungee-jumping, some collect stamps and some play "cat-and-mouse" with crocodiles. Crocodile Attack Show is looking for volunteers... Anyone?
THAT was close!
THAT was close!
Croc as a pet
Croc as a pet
Crocodile "dead roll" - that
Crocodile "dead roll" - that's how croc fights for a big catch
Boating on Daintree river is an excellent opportunity to see crocodiles in the wild. It is quite difficult to see them between grass and tree. Very often you can spot the beasts with their mouths open as this is how they rest their jaw muscles.

When I grow up and became a croc, beware of me - thinks little lizard.
When I grow up and became a croc, beware of me - thinks little lizard.
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