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Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is the only living structure visible from space, its length is 3220 sunny kilometers. It's probably the best place on Earth for diving and snorkeling.
It's also one of the greatest Australian tourist attractions. In Tropical North Queensland there are lots of tourist companies offering different ways to explore The Reef - from semi-submersible boats to helicopters.

The reef is situated quite far from the coast, so we wanted to spend there as much time as possible. We choose 2 days trip to the reef, with overnight stay on the ship. Because she is quite big, the tourists are taken there by smaller and faster boat.

Twice a day the ship is moving to see a new reef. Every reef has different flora and fauna. We were impressed by a giant turtle about 1.5 meters length.

I don't have big diving experience, as I dived few times only. This time I was going to snorkel. Everybody on the ship was experience divers with the license to deep ocean dive, so they could go underwater on their own, without instructor. So most of the time I was the only one snorkeling.
On the last day I dive for 20 minutes on 7 meters with the instructor.

The Great Barrier Reef is spectacular! We did not expect to see so many colorful creatures...

Night diving on the pictures below is the demonstration of high skills of the divers. They decided to see the ocean deep in the dark. The only light they could take with them was the torch. Before going into the ocean the instructor was explaining what to do if you meet the shark attracted by the light. Well, the only thing you can do? Just pray or pretend it's just a dream.

Sharks are not the only ones you can meet in the darkness. The divers are surrounded by different colors pairs of eyes: green, red, blue.

The ship looked very calm and majestic when the divers disappeared for their morning diving. Only few people left on the ship.

The Great Barrier Reef is wonderful. But you can not touch it or take any part of it. However we decided to take it with us on those photos.

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