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Old Melbourne Gaol

Visiting even a former prison is not an everyday thing. But prisons plays important role in Australian history. Everyone knows Australia starts as a remoute colony there England send prisoners...

Death masks of prisoners faces after execution are pretty frightening. The fabric mask in the right photo was worn by the prisoner during walking exercise. The aim was to stop prisoner interaction. The metal mask nearby must be worn by rebel prisoners to increase their pain.

At prominent place we can see Ned Kelly armour. Ned Kelly was a national hero - kind of Robin Hood, he was caught and executed in Old Melbourne Gaol. There was a film with Mick Jagger about Ned Kelly. On the right picture is an aid for beating prisoners.

There is a lot of information here describing death by execution. In the second picture is seen an original "Hangman's box", owned by Melbourne's sheriff and "loaned to the museum" - do you think they might be needing it back one day ? Anyway, these days the death penalty is not enforced in Australia...yet?

Famous hangman
Famous hangman

Link: Old Melbourne Gaol
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User comments on this album

Posting 1724 by Sera
Monday October 31st, 2005 05:01 PM

This is mad it is very significant and very special i like the fact that people make death masks i take very deep interest in this! Well done old Melbourne Goal

Posting 208 by Mark Maguire
New Hampshire, USA

Sunday December 07th, 2003 09:01 AM

Killer woman

I visited this gaol in 1980. The death masks were jarring. Isn't this the woman who took in foster children at her farm, one after the other, and buried them in her yard? I recall she continued to collect the support checks from the state.

Posting 31 by you don notwanna know
Monday December 09th, 2002 01:01 PM

What is it, any ideas?
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